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Beautiful DIY tissue paper flowers

DIY tissue paper flowers are beautiful, and even though they’re so easy that non-crafty people can make them, they still look professional.

You can make large ones as decorations for a room, small ones for a flower crown or a bunch to create a bouquet. But no matter what you make them for, these tissue paper flowers are stunning and you’re sure to want your own.

Read on to find out how to make them!

Want to know how to make beautiful tissue paper flowers? Then check out this post, or re-pin for inspo later!


These flowers are so simple that they take barely any time at all. The only preparation you may need is to trim the tissue paper to the correct size.  However you can buy tissue paper sheets that are already the right size, reducing the making time even further.

Estimated making time: 10 minutes for one flower.


These flowers are simple and you only need three things to make them (no glue required!). This is what you need to create one blue flower:

  • A scissors
  • 1 pipe cleaner (we used green so it looked like a stalk, but you can use any colour you’d like!)
  • 2 sheets of A5 green tissue paper
  • 4 sheets of A5 dark blue tissue paper
  • 4 sheets of A5 light blue tissue paper


  1. Stack the tissue paper neatly with the two green sheets on the bottom, the four dark colour sheets in the middle and the four light colour sheets on the top.

Tissue paper stacked

2. Fold the stacked paper back and forth using a concertina fold (like a fan). Make sure the green paper ends up on the outside for both sides (so all the blue paper is folded in).

Fold the tissue paper stack back and forth like a fan

3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the fan. Secure it by wrapping the pipe cleaner around itself a few times.

wrap pipe cleaner around the fan

4. Cut the corners off the edges of the fan using the scissors to give the flower the petals. Do this on all four edges of the fan.

cut the edges of the fan with scissors

5. Gently pull the top sheet of tissue paper up to the centre, being careful not to rip it.

Pull ends of paper sheets up to center

6. Repeat on the other side of the fan and then for each sheet of tissue paper.

Pull all ends to the center

And that’s it!

Flower birds eye view


You can use whatever colours you’d like for the flower, but using a dark colour on the outside then a lighter colour on the inside makes it look more realistic. Create without the green sheets at the bottom for a flower without leaves. You can also try with just one colour, or try using white and yellow to resemble a daisy.

Using A5 sheets of tissue paper results in a flower that is approximately the size of an adult’s hand. You can increase or decrease the size of the tissue paper sheets to make the flower larger or smaller.

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Want to know how to make beautiful tissue paper flowers? Then check out this post, or re-pin for inspo later!

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Check out this tutorial to see how to make beautiful tissue paper flowers, or re-pin for inspo later!


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