DIY neon confetti
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DIY bright neon confetti

Confetti is the perfect party addition or photo prop. However, store bought confetti can be a lil’ plain.

If you’re after confetti that’ll add colour to your celebrations or brighten up your boring backgrounds, check out this DIY bright neon confetti!

Need some colourful confetti to brighten up your photos or liven up your parties? Then be sure to check out this tutorial for DIY neon confetti, or re-pin for inspo later!


This neon confetti is quick and easy to make, and requires no preparation!

Estimated making time: 20 minutes for a small pot of confetti.


This confetti is so simple that you only need two things to make it!

  • A hole punch.

Use a hole punch that has a bottom to collect the pieces.

  • Different coloured neon sticky notes.

sticky notes

You can use other materials like paper, but make sure it is double sided with colour so the confetti is coloured both sides.


1. Punch a hole in the sticky note. You can use multiple notes at once to speed up the process, but be sure not to use too many or the hole punch won’t pierce through.

hole punch the sticky note

2. Continue this all over the sticky note, avoiding the sticky part. Make sure to leave space between each hole or you will have mishaped confetti.

Don't hole punch too close together

3. Repeat this with different coloured sticky notes multiple times.

Repeat with pink

4. Once you’ve pierced a lot of holes (the more the better!), open up the bottom of the hole punch and pour out the contents.

Pour out confetti

5. Carefully sift through the confetti and separate any pieces that are stuck together.

Sift through the confetti

6. Pull out any mishaped pieces of confetti if you want your confetti to be picture perfect.

Pick out mishaped confetti

7. Transfer the confetti to a pot or a container and use to brighten your parties and pictures!

Transfer to container


For this example we have used a normal hole punch to create round confetti. However, you can use different shaped hole punchers to make your confetti even more fun!

We used sticky notes for the neon effect and because they weren’t being used (being creative whilst saving the planet). However you can use neon tissue paper if you want the confetti to be lighter, or card if you want it to be heavier. Just make sure it’s not too thick or the hole punch won’t work.

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DIY neon confetti pictorial

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Need to brighten your pictures or add some colour to your parties? Check out this easy tutorial to make your own neon confetti, or re-pin for inspo later!

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